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Awareness seminar against sexual harassment and violence against women organized by Lahore Police

Syed Asad Ali
14 Sep, 2021

14 ستمبر ، 2021

Syed Asad Ali
14 Sep, 2021

14 ستمبر ، 2021

Awareness seminar against sexual harassment and violence against women organized by Lahore Police


Lahore Police, in supervision of CCPO Ghulam Mahmood Dogar, on Monday organized an awareness seminar on “Anti Women Harassment and Violence" issue held at Alhamra Arts Council involving all segments of society.

Provincial Minister for Law and Parliamentary Affairs Raja Basharat was the chief guest on this occasion. Provincial Minister For Women Development Ashifa Riaz Fatyana, Special Representative of the Prime Minister for Religious Harmony Allama Tahir Mahmood Ashrafi, Justice(R) Nasira Iqbal, Vice Chancellor Lahore College for Women University Prof Dr. Bushra Mirza, Chairperson Punjab Women Protection Authority Fatima Chadhar, President Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry, President Lahore Bar Association, a large number of female police personnel, universities' students and faculty members, representatives of NGOs and all segments of society attended the seminar.

In his welcome address, Capital City Police Chief Additional IG Ghulam Mahmood Dogar expressed his deep concern over the increasing trend of gender based violence in the society and declared sexual harassment and violence against women devastating human right violation of the present era as it remained largely unreported in past. It was necessary for the victims to raise their voice against any harassment or violence and get police help to bring the perpetrators to justice, he urged. Commander Lahore police pledged that Lahore Police awareness campaign was aimed at preventing and eliminating all forms of gender based violence against women, alarmingly intensified for the last few days and to sensitize people regarding sanctity and respect of women in society, expressing unity with them, assuring full police support against any sort of sexual harassment and violence.

The focus of this awareness seminar is to engage all segments of society to share their ideas and suggest a joint strategy and action plan for elimination of this nuisance with coordinated efforts, CCPO apprised.

Ghulam Mahmood Dogar highlighted the initiatives of Lahore Police to redress the grievances of victims of gender based crimes and said Police has taken robust action against all the accused persons involved in harassing women, such as registering FIRs immediately and ensuring arrest of culprits with speedy investigation of the cases.

Ghulam Mahmood Dogar further apprised the participants that Lahore police, through a vigorous awareness campaign has been educating women to download 'Women Safety App' in their smart phones to enable themselves to get quick police response in case of any attempt of harassment against them as built-in pin location facility in the app helps police to trace the location of women being harassed or tortured. He said that the same facilities have been provided in Lahore police official Website as women can download this app with a single click sitting at their homes.

A dedicated helpline 1242 has also been allocated by Lahore Police to directly approach the CCPO Lahore and get redress of the grievances of gender based victims in harassment and violence cases. Ghulam Mahmood Dogar said, Lahore Police has established its first "Anti Women Harassment and Violence Cell’ as basic Response Unit in such cases at police station Defense Area (B) where female Victim Support Officers (VSOs) will be available to the citizens round the clock  to ensure prompt action against all the lodged complaints in gender based crimes. Female Victim Support Officers (VSOs) supervise this cell to provide timely response to the victims within a record time to the received complaints and extend complete legal and moral support to the aggrieved women from registration of FIRs to medical reports of victims, investigation process, hearing of cases in relevant courts and other related matters. Six Gender Crime Cells have been linked with this cell which will ensure monitoring of all such cases, surveillance of the habitual criminals and mapping of the hotspot areas in gender based crimes.

Feedbacks of victims will also be ensured regarding all the process of assistance provided by 'Anti Women Harassment and Violence Cells' on regular basis. Dedicated phone lines have also been provided to these cells to ensure timely response. Lahore Police will fully support the victims of gender based violence and will not leave any stone unturned to bring the involved culprits to justice, Ghulam Mahmood Dogar assured.

Provincial Minister for Law and Parliamentary Affairs Raja Basharat in his speech, strongly condemned the incidents of sexual harassment and violence against women and said Punjab government has taken concrete steps and utilizing all its resources to protect rights of the women. He said provincial government is bringing reforms in judicial system and need cooperation of Bar and Bench so as to bring culprits to justice and improve monitoring in such cases.

Raja Basharat said institutions and laws exist already, however implementation on these laws in letter and spirit is need of the hour. Punjab government already established Women Crisis Centers, Punjab Women Protection Authority, Women Development Task Force, Women Police stations, also devised Legal frame work against domestic violence and other initiatives to protect women. Minister Law stressed upon the need to ensure women protection to assure social justice in society as well as make female community aware of their rights. He said media and civil society should also bring positive aspects of good performance of police in service delivery and community policing and raise voice jointly against the condemnable persons involved in crimes against women.

Justice(R) Nasira Iqbal said judicial process should be improved and accelerated with speedy trial in cases against gender based crimes. She demanded increase of women police stations and women personnel at police stations so that victims of sexual harassment could communicate with female police officers and lodge their complaints without any shame and  male pressure.

The representative of the Prime Minister for Religious Harmony Allama Tahir Mehmood Ashrafi said our women are our pride as Islam safeguards the rights of women and gives them assurance to progress in every sphere of life using their best skills and capabilities. Allama Tahir Ashrafi further said Ulema of Pakistan are with government, police and judiciary to protect the gender rights.

Punjab Minister for Women Development Ashifa Riaz also condemned all forms of violence against women and demanded immediate punishment for the perpetrators. Suggestions for speedy justice and strict punishment were also considered by the participants of the seminar as well. VC Lahore College for Women University Dr Bushra Mirza said we have to educate morality to our youth, to respect women community and react positively and struggle jointly as a civilized society against the incidents of gender based crimes.

The other participants expressed their views and said a women were in fact a symbol of strength and not of weakness because they nurtured the next coming generation so they must be given respect and protection by the society. Unfortunately women face different types of gender based abuses including sexual harassment, which should be condemned at every level, they added. We have to educate and train our society on sound ethical grounds and ensure the implementation of relevant laws to eradicate harassment. The participants also stressed that all the stakeholders should play their pivotal role in overcoming violence against women and the departments concerned should ensure immediate implementation of the laws related gender based crimes.

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